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Mailing Address:
Friends of Felines
P.O. Box 325
Port Republic, MD 20676

"How we behave toward cats here below determines our status in heaven."
-Robert A. Heinlein


Friends of Felines' focus is on rescuing free roaming or abandoned cats and placing them in managed colonies or permanent homes. Working with property owners and families throughout Calvert County Maryland, we help curb cat overpopulation at its source by providing a humane alternative to euthanasia. Our objective is to decrease the number of displaced cats and work alongside other rescue groups, Animal Control and the Tri-County Animal Shelter in our shared goal to make Calvert County a place where healthy stray cats are given a better future.

All the cats we trap or rescue are tested for feline leukemia and aids. They are spayed or neutered and given all their shots. They are micro- chipped for later identification. The cats that are returned to managed colonies are ear-tipped so Animal Control personnel know they have been vetted. By employing methods of trap, neuter, return and maintain (TNRM) we provide citizens with the tools and the training to care for cats on their own property after they have been fully vetted.

The cats that can be socialized are placed in our volunteer foster homes. Our foster families create a nurturing environment for each cat and kitten until they are adopted. We have volunteer adoption teams that hold adoption events on a weekly basis. Semi-domestic cats are placed in barn homes throughout Maryland and Virginia.

We maintain a cat Sanctuary on land provided by our County Commissioners. Those few trapped and rescued cats which cannot be socialized and cannot be returned to thei original dangerous location are relocated to the sanctuary where they are maintained by our volunteers.

Together with another volunteer group, we provide a weekly "Pet Taxi" run to the Charles County Humane Society for low cost spay/neuter services. We transport cats and small dogs belonging to citizens and other rescue groups.

We work with other volunteer groups to bring a low cost mobile spay/neuter clinic, termed the Promise Wagon, to Calvery County. The mobile clinic comes once a month and rotates between northern, central and southern Calvert County locations.

We welcome volunteers and donors who wish to share their time, talents, or resources to support our foster program, adoption teams, trappers, transporters feeders, and administrative functions. If you wish to join this effort, please call us at 410-414-2122 or email us at: